PVN Management Announces Launch of New Entity: TerraNavigator

San Diego, California | April 9, 2017

PVN Management, LLC (“PVN”), a privately funded developer that focuses on the development and financing of renewable and clean energy solutions on brownfield and surplus property sites, announced today the launch of a new entity – TerraNavigator, LLC (“ TerraNavigator”).  The vision of TerraNavigator is to assess, structure and implement monetization solutions for owners of environmentally-impacted sites, which can include self-sustaining energy solutions but also ecological and community uplift alternatives.

Under the entity PVNavigator, LLC, PVN has developed and financed solar projects primarily in California and the Northeast with additional pipeline across the U.S.

“TerraNavigator represents our commitment to working with our customers, in full partnership and transparency, to achieve their economic and ecological objectives,” said Dr. Ruben R. Fontes, CEO of PVN. “We are very excited to execute on opportunities that we have identified and secured throughout the country, and we look forward to growing our team in the weeks ahead.”

“We are very excited about this logical extension of PVN’s capabilities,” said Chad Hufsey, Principal of Alturus Capital, a Dallas-based strategic capital provider and majority owner of PVN. “We are highly committed to this space and to supporting our management team in this exciting endeavor that will offer additional value and optionality to our customers.”

About PVN Management

PVN is engaged in the development and financing of renewable and clean energy solutions on environmentally-impacted sites.  PVN is funded by Alturus Capital (“Alturus”), a Dallas-based strategic capital provider that is focused on investing in industry-leading lower middle-market companies. For more information about PVN, TerraNavigator and Alturus, please visit www.terranavigator.com and www.alturuscapital.com .